Alison Dawson

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Testimonial 3

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We have been staying at this hotel for the last week and a half. The place is beautiful, the staff is amiable, and the beds are very comfy. The breakfast is good. The free wifi is reliable. The hotel is located next to nature and the city.

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Testimonial 1

It was my first experience at the Rosello, but my family and I enjoyed it. The hotel is a well-known hospitality, services, and I hope we will be back soon. It was the perfect location for us.

Melba Mitchell


Testimonial 2

The hotel is in an excellent location, close to nature and the city center. The staff is all very friendly and helpful. The rooms are clean and comfortable.

Martin Eberhart

Regular guest

Testimonial 4

We wanted to write a review about our stay at the Rosello. We were so impressed with the service that we couldn't stop thinking about it.

Amelia Burrier


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